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VVCREA® backsplashes are made of glass with very high quality color digital decoration, resistant to high temperatures and easily washable.

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    Customize your own spaces.
    Experience the beauty of glass.
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    Try our configurator
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      Essential design and advanced technology are the new frontier for outdoor bioclimatic architecture to take advantage of outdoor areas all year round for private households and contract spaces.
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      Why choose us?

      Over the years Vercelli Vetri enriched its own set of skills structuring itself and answering to the market needs with artisanal competence, being able to support its clients in every glass construction need for indoor and outdoor environments.

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      “All of the great changes are really simple”

      Detail Attention

      Every project is examined and cured in detail to guarantee an impeccable service under any point of view.

      “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking”
      – Henry Ford

      Last year

      100Kind of glass
      65000mq of cutted glass
      40000Double Glazing
      300happy clients

      Only the best for our clients

      Our Hallmarks

      We are certified with this Brands, to guarantee our products quality.
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